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Gregory S Trachta

Gregory S Trachta is a long time resident of Mudgap, New Mexico, where he is known by another name. “That’s not the way it happened at all,” is sometimes asserted. Prior to residing in Mudgap, he frequently visited from California, Missouri, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, and so on. He can be seen in the nearby picture, heading confidently into, one supposes, the future.

The Soul as Strange Attractor

The stories in “The Soul as Strange Attractor” are literary fiction, but are neither boring, nor bewildering. Until 4/13/15, it is available FREE at Smashwords with coupon code PQ35J.


The stories are set in the decades after WW II, with a few echoes from earlier times. All of the characters think their stories are true. Why quibble just because some of them see and hear things? If there is sometimes a lack of seriousness, there is always sincerity.


The town of Mudgap, New Mexico is central: some played out gold mines, a few Milagros, but no bean fields. If you never heard of Mudgap, or think it doesn’t exist, look it up (Mudgapnm.com) and link through to the blog (http://thesoulasstrangeattractor.blogspot.com/).


Here’s what some of the local Mudgap reviewers have said (There is a lively writers’ colony in Mudgap).


“…This thin volume…!”

“I can’t recommend this book too highly!”

“…oh well…stories were sometimes…without a doubt.”

“A perfect example of…lost in the foreword…the afterword from the Bear Hill Players was…dignity… the curtain falls.”


The book is available from most ebook retailers and may be sampled at Smashwords (https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/520793).The paperback edition will be available soon from Amazon and CreateSpace.